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You too can Learn to Work with Angels

      At Journey Within we have a program that is dear to our hearts…..Learn to Heal with Angels. In this program we introduce you to the Archangels and how to work with them. Our 5-Week program will be … Continue reading

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Channeled Healing with #Archangel Michael channeled by Anita Destino

Connection with Archangel Michael is very healing. These are one of my favorite ways to receive a healing and give communication to everyone who attends these healings. I actually step out of the way and allow Archangel Michael to use … Continue reading

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Learn to Heal with Angels Program at Journey Within #Angels

Our Level 1-102 Learn to Heal with Angels program will be starting next week. There is still time to sign up for the Early Bird discount. This program is dear to my heart, knowing that you will make a difference … Continue reading

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Mark your calendar for our Pet Energy Healings, by Appointment

One of our most popular events at Journey Within is our Pet Energy Healing Clinic. Our pets are great friends and companions. Our pets are wonderful healers in our lives and sometimes they need a healing too. Just like people, pets can … Continue reading

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Would you like to Learn How to Heal with Angels?

I have a close relationship with the Angelic Realm. Since I was a young girl I knew the Angels were by my side. I started delevoping my abilities to sense, hear and speak to Angels. I was inspired to created a program so that … Continue reading

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Manifesting with Your Angels

Are you living the life of your dreams? Why not? What is stopping you? I have learned to work with Angels and set the intention to live my dream life. Join me tonight for a guided meditation to learn how … Continue reading

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A Channeled Healing with Archangel Michael by Anita Destino

I have an evening scheduled to channel Archangel Michael on April 29th at 7:15 pm at Journey Within . If you are curious about Angels or you have a question on a situation that is going on in your life … Continue reading

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