Pet Energy Healings & Animal Communication

JWI dog and cat healingThis is one of my favorite days of the year – Pet Energy Healings! I get me pet fix and love meeting all the loving companions in our lives.

Mark your calendar for
November 10, 2018 from 12 – 3 Pm

What is your pet trying to tell you?

Set aside some time to get your furry, feathered,
or finned friends a pet healing.

Our pets are great friends and companions. Our pets are wonderful healers in our lives and sometimes they need a healing too. Just like people, pets can hold on to energy that is no longer beneficial for them.

Whether your pet is healthy or ill, a pet energy healing has many benefits for both the pet and its owner; strengthen the bond, removes energetic blocks, release pain or discomfort. Animals love receiving an energy healings and are generally very open to being read and communicating with their owners.

A pet energy healing is an aura and chakra clearing for your pet, and can assist your pet in maintaining its health, vitality, and enthusiasm.

Healings can be done for any type of animal including;
dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, reptiles, horses and birds.

During your pet’s energy healing our healers will:
communicate any information that your pet is feeling or thinking,
work on a specific issue, body part or behavior habits.

Whether your pet is healthy, aging or with an illness, this is a wonderful way to give back to
our pets who show us unconditional love!

You are welcome to bring your pet or our healers can work with a picture for you loving pet to receive an Energy Healing and Animal Communication!

Pet Energy Healings and Animal Communication generally take about 10 or 15 minutes.
One of our healers in fluent in American Sign Language, as she is deaf herself.

Pet Healing are $20 per pet to book your appointment Click Here

A portion of the monies collected will be donated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.  A true sanctuary for abused, abandoned, exploited and endangered exotic captive wildlife.

Pet Healings held inside Journey Within

We look forward to working with you and your pet.

To read more on our meditation programs please click here
and information on our free energy healings please click here,
call me at 720-413-7303 or email me at

Journey Within is located on the city boarders of
Lakewood and Denver, Colorado.

Located inside Irongate Executive Plaza
777 S Wadsworth Boulevard, Bldg 2 Suite #108
Lakewood, CO 80226

Northwest corner of Wadsworth & Ohio Avenue
(just 1.84 mile South of Wadsworth Boulevard & 6th Ave.) 
Across from Office Depot and Panera Bread,
on the West Side of Wadsworth – the same side as Belmar Park


About anitadestino

Fun-filled, energizing and uplifting, Anita Destino is an Inspirational Spiritual Teacher, Professional Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Founder of Journey Within in Lakewood / Denver, Colorado. Intuitive as a child, Anita first learned how to manage her own energy and abilities before fulfilling what she was put on this earth to do… heal others. Anita’s intuitive abilities allow her to teach and heal others so that they may create lifelong change in their lives. Anita helps others through personal readings and energy healings, pet healings, pet communication, house healings, business healings, spiritual teaching, performing weddings and spiritual coaching. Blocks in energy can manifest in people’s lives in many different ways: • Physical illness • Constant worries • Inability to manifest work • Lack abundance • Creating excuses • Fear • Inability to create change when you know it’s needed • Stalled personal relationships • Strained relationships with others • Lack of sleep • Stress Having a professional help move or heal this blocked or stagnant energy can create huge and immediate shifts in your life.
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