New Meditation Class

It’s not to late to join my Meditation class that started July 1, 2008 in Lakewood, CO

Here is more information on the class that started this week.  The next class will start on August 5, 2008 in Lakewood, CO.

Meditation For Living

A 5-week program to bring the benefits of meditation into
your life

Release stress,
worry, and anxiety – Move into greater peace and joy

Heal pain and
discomfort – Move into greater health

Clear blocks to
growth – Move into greater creativity


emotions, physical sensations, and thoughts we experience every day all
originate as energy. In this program, you will learn and practice meditation
skills to focus energy and access heightened awareness and creativity.

Class topics include:

Grounding; to stabilize the body and chakra

Opening and clearing the 6th chakra,
to experience and utilize your clairvoyant ability

Clearing the energy meridians of the spiritual

Clearing your space of pain and blocks to growth
and fulfillment

Filling the spiritual body and aura (and your
life) with the energies of your choice

Protecting your space

Manifesting your goals

spiritual skills really work to shift energy and change lives!

About anitadestino

Fun-filled, energizing and uplifting, Anita Destino is an Inspirational Spiritual Teacher, Professional Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Founder of Journey Within in Lakewood / Denver, Colorado. Intuitive as a child, Anita first learned how to manage her own energy and abilities before fulfilling what she was put on this earth to do… heal others. Anita’s intuitive abilities allow her to teach and heal others so that they may create lifelong change in their lives. Anita helps others through personal readings and energy healings, pet healings, pet communication, house healings, business healings, spiritual teaching, performing weddings and spiritual coaching. Blocks in energy can manifest in people’s lives in many different ways: • Physical illness • Constant worries • Inability to manifest work • Lack abundance • Creating excuses • Fear • Inability to create change when you know it’s needed • Stalled personal relationships • Strained relationships with others • Lack of sleep • Stress Having a professional help move or heal this blocked or stagnant energy can create huge and immediate shifts in your life.
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